The Goalie's a "Sieve" - Come meet the family!

  1. "SUPER PRO-SIEVE" - For ice hockey, regulation 6' X 4' panel. Made with #8 heavyweight canvas duck and double lined below the 5 hole for extended wear. Heavy-duty #4 brass grommets. Includes heavy-duty black gas pipe to stand up to any slap shot
  2. "PRO-SIEVE" - for street hockey, regulation 6' X 4' panel. Made with #10 canvas duck. Grommets and bungie cord same as above. Conduit pipe.
  3. "SIEVE" - For street hockey. The panel is 54" X 44" and includes same specs as "Pro-Sieve".
  4. "SNIPER" - A shooters training aid and for water polo. Sized to fit a 10-foot wide by three-foot high water polo goal. made from rugged rot resistant interwoven nylon "Textuff" material.
  5. "LACROSSE SIEVE" - This 6' X 6' durable shooting aid is constructed out of #8 canvas duck and can easily be mounted on any standard size lacrosse goal. (NOT SHOWN)